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You can enter (free-formatted) any kind of unbalanced chemical equation, and the program will instantly balance it for you! Equations can be oxidation-reduction (redox), organic, half-reactions... almost any chemical equation! If you specify a reaction in acidic or basic solution, you don't even have to include the H+, OH-, or H2O -- they'll be added automatically as needed.

New! For each balanced equation, the molar masses of all reactants and products are displayed. You may optionally enter the mass of any one item involved in a given reaction, and all of the other values will be calculated for you. This is very useful for solving problems such as: determine the mass of NaCl which is produced when 20 grams of Na reacts with Cl2.

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Registration is easy and inexpensive. Premium-access users have unlimited, advertising-free access to the equation balancer. Guest users have very limited access -- they can only balance equations containing a maximum of three compounds -- and they have advertising banners on every page. By registering for premium access, you will be able to balance equations which are as complicated as you want, containing an unlimited number of compounds, in an ad-free environment.

One Day of unlimited equation balancing access$1.50
One Week of unlimited equation balancing access$3.50
Two Weeks of unlimited equation balancing access$5.00
One Month of unlimited equation balancing access$7.50
One Year of unlimited equation balancing access$20.00

After creating an account, you will be able to select the plan of your choice. At the present time, the only payment method available is PayPal. The above prices are in U.S. Dollars, but PayPal accepts and converts other currencies.

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You will have instant access to unlimited equation balancing immediately after completing your payment via credit/debit card, instant transfer from your bank account, or from an existing PayPal balance.

If you don't pay with one of the above-mentioned instant access options, but instead pay with an e-check, you will have access after your payment clears, which usually takes about four business days.

Why do we charge for Premium Access to the Equation Balancer? This site primarily exists for the support of Nanday Conure owners. Nandays are beautiful but often misunderstood and difficult birds to own. Your payment helps keep this site up and running. Thank you.

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