Equation Balancer Gift Certificate

An Equation Balancer Gift Certificate makes a wonderful gift for a friend or relative who is taking a chemistry class. It allows the recipient to solve many problems, and will be a great help in checking answers to homework assignments.

Another gift idea -- chemistry-related posters.

Purchase a Gift Certificate, good for unlimited advertising-free premium equation balancing access:
One Day of premium equation balancing access$1.50
One Week of premium equation balancing access$3.50
Two Weeks of premium equation balancing access$5.00
One Month of premium equation balancing access$7.50
One Year of premium equation balancing access$20.00
The above prices are in U.S. Dollars, but PayPal accepts and converts other currencies.
Gift Certificates never expire. And even if our prices go up, your gift certificate is always good for the amount of time which you have purchased.

Immediately after payment via credit/debit card, instant transfer from your bank account, or from an existing PayPal balance, we will give you your Gift Certificate Number, along with the simple instructions on how the recipient may redeem it. You will also receive the number and instructions in your email. This is the only email we will ever send you.

Please note that if you don't pay with one of the above-mentioned instant access options, but instead pay with an e-check, you will receive your Gift Certificate Number and instructions (by email) only after your payment clears, which usually takes about four business days.

Note -- if you want to purchase more than one Gift Certificate, purchase each one separately. For example, if you click on the One Month payment and enter a quantity of 2, you will end up with one Gift Certificate good for two months (not two certificates good for one month each).

Due to privacy concerns, we do not send anything directly to the recipient; we don't even ask you who the recipient will be. We find that people do not like others giving out their email address to sites, even when it's for a gift certificate. People would much rather receive a note directly from you! We include a sample note which you may use.

Your privacy is very important to us. We never send unsolicited email, and we never distribute email addresses to anyone in any way.

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